Body Planes

About this post: Understanding Spinal Body Planes. The body, as well as the spine, can be viewed from 3 sides; from the front or the back, from the left or the right side, as well as from the top or the bottom. The viewing in every one of these instances may be directly from the … Continue reading Body Planes

Spinal Motion Segment

About this Blog: Understanding Spinal Motion Segment also known as “Functional Spinal Unit” or          “Three Joint Complex”. Between every two vertebrae, the intervertebral disc allows some movement, as do the small joints toward the back of the spinal unit. These are called the facet joints. The Ligamentum flavum, the Interspinous Ligaments, … Continue reading Spinal Motion Segment

Spinal Movement

About this post: Understanding Spinal Movement in the Various Body Planes. The spine allows for a wide range of movement, taking place in various directions in single or multiple planes. A combination of movement is possible, in some instances even allowing the person to move in such a way they may reach awkward angles. A … Continue reading Spinal Movement