Peripheral Neuritis

About this post: Understanding Peripheral Neuritis. Patients with peripheral neuritis will usually experience a gradual onset of burning, numbness or the sensation of pins and needles in their hands and/or feet. The traditional presentation is symmetrical and will eventually progress further up the arms and/or legs. Because the sensory distribution of the areas involved are … Continue reading Peripheral Neuritis

Spinal Claudication vs Vascular Claudication

About this post: Understanding Spinal Claudication vs Vascular Claudication. Claudication is described as a pain that occurs in the legs during increased activity. The best-known example is Vascular claudication resulting from impaired blood flow into the legs aggravated by especially uphill walking, subsiding with rest. Spinal claudication is to be distinguished from vascular claudication by … Continue reading Spinal Claudication vs Vascular Claudication